The Eccentronic Research Council & Maxine Peake

1612 Underture

After reading some high praise of 1612 Underture over on  The Quietus, I soon found myself immersed in some wonderfully creepy electronic music, brought to life through a compelling, spoken narrative by actress Maxine Peake.

The A666, some call it the devil’s highway, and some call it the road to hell – but I can’t believe the devil came from Bolton…

The album marks the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witch trials, where a dozen women were tried and hung over allegations of witchcraft in 1612. Peake’s performance is hypnotic and compelling, her deadpan vocals taking you on a journey through these dark days of death and superstition; with tales witchcraft, political and religious scapegoating, and ultimately the exploitation of the poor and gullible working class of Lancashire.

1612 Underture is out on Finders Keepers records. Buy it here.


Nope are a band from Yorkshire in the UK who mean business. Their self-released debut album, Revisions is a masterful barrage of spacey, pounding riffage that I’ve had blasting out of my speakers for about a week now.

As suggested with song titles like Behind the Skullbong, there’s a stoner-metal vibe to the band’s sound, which revolves around tribal, cyclical drumming and interwoven guitars.

Check out and purchase the album via Bandcamp here.

Gala Drop & Ben Chasney – Broda

It’s probably a bit ridiculous to post two articles on the same artist back-to-back, but I can’t help but sing the praises of this collaborative release between the Portuguese electronic group Gala Drop, and Six Organ’s Ben Chasny.

Broda comes in the form of a three track 12” record, wonderfully mixing chilled passages of   instrumental rock with shit-hot psych wig outs. I can’t get enough of this thing.

Here’s a taste:

Buy Broda here.

Six Organs of Admittance – Waswasa

Word of a new Six Organs of Admittance album always brings a sort of wide-eyed smile to my face – but when the album in question promises to be a full-on heavy psych blast, recorded with former bandmates and musical peers from Comets on Fire; my face just about melts right off at the thought of how fucking brilliant it’s going to be.

Sure enough, this first glimpse of the record is full of face-melting, acid-drenched guitar noodling, a return to the awesome sound of Six Organ’s / Comets on Fire’s collaborative tour from 2002, the ferocity of which (except for a tape posted online by head Comet Ethan Miller) was never captured in a full recording.

With new Rangda material and a 200 Years tour also in the works, I imagine Ben Chasney must eat and sleep with his guitar strapped to him.

The new Six Organs album; Ascent, will be released on Drag City in August.

Blues Control – Iron Pigs

Strange and excellent new music from Blues Control. Iron Pigs is a preview of their forthcoming album Valley Tangents. It sounds like a demented marching band of sorts; triumphant pianos and trumpets stomping all over fuzzy guitar and synth lines to create a surreal carnival of sounds.

Valley Tangents is out on June 19th via Drag City.

UFOmammut – ORO

ORO is being released as a two part odyssey of epic, orchestral stoner metal by Italy’s UFOmammut – the band who brought you one of the greatest, heaviest records of recent times with 2010’s Eve.

ORO dives into similar cosmic territory, as one long track split into two records; with lots of pulsating synths and expansive metal riffage bombarding the listener throughout. The whole thing can currently be heard on YouTube (though probably not for long):

Chapter one is out this month, with the second half due in September.
I: Oro: Opus Primum, II:  Oro: Opus Alter